Short Stories

These are stories written some time ago as a sort of “warm up” to writing longer fiction.  I’ve brushed them off, re-edited them and am making them available for your amusement.  “Danny Boy” is literally the first short story I ever wrote.  I was quite surprised to discover “Dinner, Then a Bedtime Story” is actually more of a children’s story than of my usual genre.  The others feature bad people doing bad things until karma intervenes–and karma always does.  

I will continue to add selections from my “vault” as time permits, and hope to present new material soon!  Thanks for reading, and remember–please be gentle.  These were my first.  

Danny Boy

A simple trip to the store turns into a parent's worst nightmare.

Dinner, Then a Bedtime Story

It's Grandpa to the rescue when the parents need a night out!

A Terminal Case

An internet love affair...what could possibly go wrong?

Born Under a Bad Sign

Who knew planning a murder could be so difficult?