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Short Stories

These first four stories were written some time ago as a sort of “warm up” to writing longer fiction.  I’ve brushed them off, re-edited them and am making them available for your amusement.  “Danny Boy” is literally the first short story I ever wrote.  I was quite surprised to discover “Dinner, Then a Bedtime Story” is actually more of a children’s story than of my usual genre.  The others feature bad people doing bad things until karma intervenes–and karma always does.  

I will continue to add selections from my “vault” as time permits, and hope to present new material soon!  Thanks for reading, and remember–please be gentle.  These were my first.  


A 70s Christmas Story is brand new and 100% true.  I was a terrible sneak when it came to snooping around for my presents.  This is the year that ended all that.  It also reminds me of how lucky I was to have the wonderful parents I had.  I miss them both so much.

NEW FOR 2023

Not Even for a Million Dollars was inspired by our Grove City Writers' Group's fearless leader, Janet Shailer, who posed the question, "Which possession of yours would you never trade, not even for a million dollars?"  I'm sure this isn't exactly the response she expected, but as always, she sent my brain off on a tangent.  And for those of you who know me: Yes, Donald and Nancy are my parents' names; Yes, she worked for what was then The Portsmouth Times while he worked for Pepsi-Cola; Yes, they met in a bowling alley; and Yes, they were ten years apart in age and did, indeed, elope.  But this is NOT their story.  I'm just paying my eternal respect and keeping their memory alive.

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