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Retribution: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #3 - Paperback

Retribution: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #3 - Paperback


A femme fatale with an axe to grind. Marla Dotson is used to getting what she wants, and what she wants is Dwayne Morrow—both on and off the case.

Convincing an old acquaintance to grant him an apprenticeship had been hard enough, yet the initial assignments were proving to be anything but rewarding for Dwayne Morrow. Crawling through garbage to snap photos of awful people doing awful things was not the exciting career choice he had envisioned.

Finishing another such job in a seedy neighborhood on Columbus’s south side, Dwayne finds himself caught in the middle of someone else’s drama as a mysterious damsel-in-distress bursts onto the scene fleeing a hail of gunfire. Whisking her to safety was the worst decision Dwayne could have possibly made…

Abduction, blackmail, murder—nothing is off the table when retribution must be served.

Retribution is the third thrill ride in the Dwayne Morrow Mystery series!

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