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Isolation: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #5 - Paperback

Isolation: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #5 - Paperback


Is there anything more unsettling than the inability to trust your own senses? Dwayne Morrow is about to find out…

Recent events in West Virginia have left Dwayne in a fragile state of mind. His recollections of those final hours are blurry at best, and while he knows what he wants to believe, he’s bound by a promise not to investigate any further. Despite the patience and support from friends and family, he finds himself hobbled by despair, unable to fully confide in anyone.

When Boggs Investigations is invited to join a trial mystery weekend on a private island in Lake Erie, Dwayne is pressured by his boss to rejoin the living and participate in what is supposed to be an exercise in teamwork.

But the island has a haunted history, and for Dwayne, the line quickly blurs between what is real and what isn’t. Time is running out, and Dwayne must decide whether the real danger is to his friends or to his own sanity.

Isolation is the fifth heart-stopping adventure in the Dwayne Morrow Mystery series.

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