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Diversion: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #4 - Hardcover

Diversion: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #4 - Hardcover


Reeling from a tragic personal loss, Dwayne Morrow is drawn to a remote portion of West Virginia, looking for answers. What he finds is a community frozen in time.

Welcome to Briarstaff, West Virginia, population 1,967.

Founded in the early 1800s by workers of a now-defunct mining operation, the town remains home to generations of natives who continue to farm and conduct business in timeworn buildings bordering a charming town square. The grassy central plaza hosts many local events—the annual Apple Festival is currently underway. On the surface, it’s a picture-perfect postcard of pure Americana where folks of all ages gather to laugh, eat, listen to music, and ride the attractions, undeterred by cell phones and other modern distractions.

Following his sister’s footsteps, Dwayne goes undercover to discover exactly what happened during Gina’s earlier stay. After a cordial yet frosty reception, Dwayne quickly begins to suspect something much bigger than small-town politics are at play. Encountering hospitality and hostility in equal measure and unsure of whom he can trust, Dwayne soon finds himself trapped, unable to reach outside assistance.

The sun has set in this sleepy little town, but secrets long buried are burbling to the surface—secrets worth killing to protect. If Dwayne can’t fit the pieces together, he may never again see the light of day!

Diversion is the fourth nail-biting entry in the Dwayne Morrow Mystery series.

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