Circumvention (Paperback Edition)

Circumvention (Paperback Edition)

A murderer with a grisly M.O. When a wannabe detective inadvertently makes the news, can he solve the case before he ends up sliced and diced?


Columbus, Ohio. Dwayne Morrow hopes to make the jump from computer jockey to P.I. Stuck between the job requirements and his own impatience, he bides his time by doing a favor for an office friend to catch her husband cheating. But he’s horrified when his off-the-books investigation sends him stumbling across a serial killer’s latest mutilated victim.


Thrust into an unwanted fifteen minutes of fame and in the doghouse with his coworker, the amateur gumshoe struggles to escape the notice of a relentlessly nosy reporter. And when his car gets stolen and body parts show up on his doorstep, Dwayne fears he’s caught the attention of a murderous psychopath who refuses to share the spotlight.


Can Dwayne stop the bloody spree before he hits the headlines as a corpse?


Circumvention is the gripping second book in the Dwayne Morrow Mysteries series. If you like engaging characters, eye-opening twists, and terrifying villains, then you’ll love Darin Miller's chilling thrill-ride.


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